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5 Online Dating Tips for Men Who Want a Serious Relationship

Online dating can be really tough to navigate. Some people seem to have lots of success and find their happily ever after, but for others it’s not so easy. Many guys have the following problems when they’re trying to find love online:

  • They keep attracting the wrong type of woman
  • They send lots of messages but don’t get any replies
  • They seem to start off well but then the messages just stop and the woman disappears (they get ghosted)

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! Read our online dating tips for men below to help you improve your profile, send the right messages and hopefully find your ideal match.

Online Dating Tips for Men:

1. Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is really important. People make snap judgements within seconds of seeing your profile pic, so you want to give the right impression.


  • Upload recent photos
  • Upload photos that show your personality
  • Smile and be natural
  • Show photos of you doing something you love such as hiking or at a gig. Try to spark curiousity.


  • Upload a photo of you in the toilet! The world is a beautiful place – us girls do not need to see another urinal in the background
  • Pout
  • Have a beer in your hand in every photo (unless you’re looking for a party girl)
  • Upload photos of you with your ex!
  • Upload photos of your abs or any other body part no matter how impressive you think they are
  • Got a dog? Include a photo of you and your pet. This tends to be very popular with the ladies!

2. Your Opening Message

If you match with someone online, take the time to think about the very first message you want to send. Remember that many women are inundated with messages when they first sign up to a new dating app, so you want your message to stand out. Just saying ‘hello’, ‘hello beautiful’ or even ‘what’s a beautiful girl like you doing on a dating site’ won’t get you very far.

First impressions really do count so try to be a bit more creative! Take a look at her profile. Do you have common interests? Start there and show her that you took the time to read her profile and you want to find out more. A personalised opening message is so much better than a generic one. We have even added some icebreaker questions for you in the Safer Date app to help give you some inspiration.

3. Your Conversation

The ability to hold a decent conversation is really important. Don’t use text speak and make sure you talk like a human being. You need to chat online the same way you would talk in real life. Be respectful, ask questions, and don’t be too pushy. You need to get the balance right between showing that you’re interested and sounding desperate for a date. And guys – bad spelling and grammar are a real turn-off!

4. If You Like Her, Ask Her Out!

Once you’ve chatted for a little while and the conversation is going well – ask her out! This doesn’t have to be a big romantic gesture – just ask her if she fancies meeting for a coffee. If she does, great! If not, then you can move on. Respect her decision though. It’s OK to ask why she doesn’t want to meet, but don’t be pushy. Take a look at our article on helping to make your date feel safe for more first date etiquette tips.

5. Don’t Play Games

Online dating is hard enough without chatting to someone who likes to play games. If you like her, let her know and ask her out – don’t play hard to get, and don’t arrange dates and keep cancelling. If you don’t like her or you change your mind, be mature enough to let her know. Never stand someone up! Your date would much rather you were honest than leave them sitting alone in a bar.

Hopefully these 5 online dating tips for men will help you see where you’re going wrong. Be honest and be yourself. If it doesn’t work out, she wasn’t the right one for you. Good luck and happy dating!

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