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5 Reasons Why You Should Try a New Online Dating Site

More and more people are finding love online. In fact, statistics show that a third (32%) of UK couples met online over the last 4 years, compared to just 19% during the previous period. Online dating is a growing trend, but with so many dating sites out there, why should you choose a new dating site over an online dating site with millions of members?

1. A New Online Dating Site Won’t Have The Same Members As All The Rest

If you’ve tried online dating before, you’ve probably tried a few of the major well-known sites, jumping from one to the other as your patience and hope fades, only to find that the exact same people are signed up to them all. Or you’ve had a break for a while, gone back to it, and found that they’re all still exactly the same faces staring back at you. It feels as though it’s a total waste of time and that you’ll never find someone for you. If this sounds familiar, trying a new dating site could be the answer! New dating sites tend to have a unique selling point and attract different people, so you’re much less likely to come across the same people.

2. You Can Stand Out

If you’re a good honest person looking for a serious relationship, it’s often hard to stand out on the larger dating sites as there are literally thousands and thousands of members for your potential match to wade through. A new online dating website will have a smaller number of members, and whilst you may need a little patience for the member numbers to build up, you are much more likely to be found by other members (and hopefully the love of your life!).

3. You Won’t Be Inundated with Pointless Messages

As soon as you sign up to any of the larger dating sites, it’s often the case that you’re inundated with likes and messages – even before you’ve had the chance to upload your profile photo. Why? Because you’re new and the majority of members on that site have been on there for so long, they pounce on a new member hoping to make a connection. The chances of finding ‘the one’ in this situation? My guess is the chances are very slim. Plus, it’s both annoying and daunting when your phone is pinging every 5 seconds because someone wants to chat with you. With a new online dating site, this won’t happen. You can take your time and you won’t have the stress of being pestered from the moment you sign up.

4. New Online Dating Sites Give the Best Offers

The online dating market is over-saturated right now. Any new dating site is much more likely to give you the best discounts and special offers to encourage you to give them a try. They might even throw in a loyalty bonus or customer service guarantee too. Once the word gets out there about a new dating service, it’s likely to take off quickly, so get in there quick while the discounts are available!

5. Better Customer Service

If you’ve used other online dating sites, you may have found that the customer service is really poor. Once you’ve signed up and they have your money, it’s really difficult to get help. Plus, if you want to cancel your membership, they make it really difficult! You’ve often got to click through numerous pages, go to a different site, fill out a questionnaire, then call India to speak to someone. ARGHHHHH! If you want to join a new online dating site, take a look at their website and cancellation policy first. Choose a UK only dating site with UK support where you know you’ll be looked after.

Why Choose Safer Date?

Safer Date is relatively new to the online dating market, but our founder fully understands all of the above issues as well as how unsafe most dating sites really are.

Did you know that most dating sites allow anyone to sign up with only an email address? There is no safety aspect. There is no identity check to prevent catfishing, and there is no criminal background check. Safer Date is different. It carries out an identity check on every member (both male and female) BEFORE they are allowed to join or browse other profiles, and we even offer thorough world-wide criminal background checks too!

Whether you’re new to online dating and want to be cautious, you’re a good person sick of being overlooked or if you’ve had a bad experience in the past – try Safer Date. Your safety and security are at the heart of everything we do. Sign up today and join a new, safer way of online dating.

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