Safer Date - A safer, OK only online dating platform with criminal background checks

Welcome to Safer Date – an online dating site that does things differently.

If you’ve ever dated online before, I’m sure one or more of these scenarios is familiar:

  1. You’ve received messages from your ideal partner. The photos are gorgeous, you think your luck might’ve finally changed and then ‘poof’ – you find out that they’re not who they said they were.
  2. You get loads of messages from potential matches – but then find out they’re not only in another country but on an entirely different continent (yawn).
  3. You send messages but never seem to get a reply. We know this can be soul-destroying – but did you know that many dating sites actually buy dummy profiles so a lot of the members aren’t even real?!
  4. You met someone online, hit it off straight away, fell in deep, and then discovered they had a serious criminal past and a penchant for lies.

Number 4 actually happened to our founder. Literally the worst-case scenario through another very well-known online dating site. We won’t bore you with all of the details, but it’s the reason why she created Safer Date. She does not want ANYONE else to have the same experience as she did. Safer Date is designed to be a safer space to date online, where criminals are banned and everyone is a real, honest person looking for their ideal partner.

Why Safer Date is a Different Way to Date Online

Safer Date is a different way of online dating where your safety comes before anything else. Everyone has to undergo an enhanced criminal background (DBS) check and identity check before their membership is approved with no exceptions. Anyone with a history of serious criminal offences will NEVER be a member on our site.

We’re not a big money-making scheme – quite the opposite. We put strict safety measures in place and only let UK residents join our site too. We just want to create a safe space for good, honest people to meet online, date and hopefully find their happily ever after.

Safer Date: A Safer Way to Date Online

All Members
DBS Checked

All of our members must undergo a criminal background check and pass certain criteria to join our site so we can keep you as safe as possible. Anyone with a serious criminal past won't be allowed to join.

All Members
ID Checked

In addition to the background checks, all members will also have to pass an identity check before they can join our site, so you can be sure you're talking to a real person who is who they say they are.

UK Members

Safer Date only allows members from the UK, so you won't be inundated with pointless messages from around the world. That way you can concentrate on finding your ideal partner.

Join Safer Date Online Today and Get 3 Months Free!*

If you’re a good, honest person looking for a partner with the same qualities – we need you!

As a thank you for trying our dating site, we’re offering the first 3 months free for the first 50 people to sign up from this page.

Simply choose the 3 month membership option and use the code FINDLOVE.

Please note: You will still need to pay £39.50 for your enhanced DBS check & ID check. (Unfortunately we can’t give you this free as we have to pay to get the background check and ID check and to fast-track them both to get you online as soon  as we can).

Happy Dating!