Cuffing Season – Everything you Need to Know

What is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing Season is not as seedy as it sounds! It is the term used to describe the tendency for people to look for serious relationships during the colder months of the year. Cuffing Season starts in October and usually continues until Valentine’s Day.

The name does come from a reference to handcuffs, but it is more about connecting on a more serious level or even getting hitched than anything more kinky.

Why Does Cuffing Season Exist?

Experts believe that Cuffing Season exists because the colder, darker months of the year make single people feel a lot more isolated and lonely. They are therefore more likely to look for a partner to spend those lonely nights with.

People also generally prefer to be in a relationship over the festive period too. It can be a very lonely time for singletons and social media tends to be filled with couples doing fun activities which can really accentuate the problem for them.

Cuffing Season is likely to be bigger than ever this year following the lockdown, and this is definitely backed up by the surge in online dating.

How Can You Survive Cuffing Season?

If you are single and you’re fed up of spending the cold, dark nights alone, you should give online dating a try. Even chatting online can help to alleviate the loneliness, and as others will be feeling the same way as you are, you never know – you might just find “the one”! 

Do make sure that you do your research first though – it’s really important that that you choose the right online dating platform for what you’re looking for. Some dating apps are designed for just random hook ups, and most have absolutely no safety measures in place (meaning that they are full of fake profiles, catfish and criminals). We’re not trying to put you off dating online, but you do need to know that there is no legal standard for the dating industry so it can be a pretty scary place if you choose the wrong app.

Try the Safest Dating App in the World

If safety is important to you, and if you would rather be sure that you are talking to a real person who has been fully identified and vetted, give Safer Date a try.

Safer Date is literally the safest way to date online in the world, and it is the only dating app that insists on mandatory ID checks on everyone and we offer global criminal background checks for additional security and peace of mind.

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