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Why Isn't Safer Date a Free Dating Site?

Safer Date is a brilliant way to chat online, connect with people and reduce the loneliness of lockdown, but we have had a few enquiries asking us why Safer Date isn’t a free dating site.

The answer to that question is simple. We have to pay for your ID check, for the thorough global criminal background checks, insolvency checks and addicts register checks to keep our dating site as safe as it possibly can be (and safer than all of the others), which unfortunately isn’t cheap. 

We keep our costs as low as we possibly can, but we hope you can appreciate that we cannot cover the background checking costs ourselves as we would be bankrupt pretty quickly!

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Whether you’re new to online dating and feeling a little unsure, or you’ve tried the typical dating sites and have undoubtedly had a bad experience (as they let literally anyone sign up), now is the time to try a different, safer way of online dating.

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General Info

Safer Date is the ONLY dating app which puts your safety first. Everyone must pass our mandatory background and ID checks before they can become a member. Furthermore, non-members cannot browse through online profiles, adding a further layer of security and privacy.

Safer Date provides a safer online dating experience for everyone. It is for good, honest people without a criminal background who want to meet a partner with the same qualities. As long as you fit those criteria, you are welcome to join. Safer Date is for both heterosexuals and the LGBT community.

We have to charge a monthly subscription to cover the cost of the identity and background checks we perform, and your subscription covers the cost of repeating these checks annually. There are no other charges to use Safer Date, and we do not sell your data to anyone, nor are there any advertisements in the app. Overall we believe this offers great value for money compared to so-called ‘free’ apps, that charge you hidden fees to use their best features, and sell your data to advertisers.

Our online dating membership is £49.99 per month including the cost of your thorough background & ID checks.  Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for details of any competitions and special offers.

No – Safer Date is currently a UK dating site only. 

Background Checks

Safer Date carries out the most comprehensive, global background checks possible. We are proud to partner with an intelligence agency who work closely with the Police, Interpol, the FBI, the National Crime Agency and other intelligence agencies across the world. We also carry out insolvency checks and addicts register checks to add a further layer of security. Please note: None of these checks leave any footprint at all.

Firstly, you will need to complete the real-time ID check within the app. Once this has been done, we will then process your background check. 95% of our checks are returned within 3 working days. We process the checks between the hours of 8am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Unfortunately, the DBS only shows up approximately 6% of the problem as it is based on convictions only. Plus, it only shows crimes committed in the UK. Even if you already have a DBS certificate, you will still need to go through our full checking procedure.

If you fail our checks, we will let you know straight away and you will not be allowed to join Safer Date. We will refund the cost of your membership minus the cost of the ID & background checks.

We will NEVER divulge the reasons for the failure to anyone else.

Yes you can. Traffic offences won’t stop you from joining Safer Date. What will stop you is any offence of abuse or violence, whether physical, psychological or sexual, against adults, children or animals.

In short, if you have a history of toxic traits, you can’t join Safer Date.

We take your privacy and data security very seriously. Only Safer Date managers and background check processing staff will have access to your information which is fully protected and meets the GDPR guidelines. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Safer Date is designed to be a safer online dating platform. We carry out identity checks and thorough, global background checks on every member before they are allowed to join. We have strict entry criteria unlike any other dating site.

We can assure you that we will not allow ANY member to join our site if they have a history of serious criminal offences or if they cannot be identified. However, we cannot account for any crimes that have been spent, for any crimes a member may have committed and not been caught for, for any crimes a person may commit in the future or for any negative personality traits a person may have. We can only use the information provided during the background checks at point of registration. You are always responsible for your own safety and decisions. 

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