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How to Find a Date for Valentine’s Day

Christmas now seems a distant memory and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Suddenly supermarkets and card shops are filled with hearts, flowers and teddy bears. Great for those in relationships – but not so great for the single people!

If the thought of Valentine’s Day and the sight of all of this fills you with dread and makes you want to hide under your duvet until it’s all over – you’re not alone! The good news is that there is something you can do about it.

Where to Find a Date

Even though it’s only weeks away, it’s not too late to find a date for Valentin’s Day! Meeting people in bars and restaurants is pretty much a thing of the past now, with the majority of singletons turning to online dating sites to find their partner. There are over 50 million UK adults online dating right now (many of which will probably be feeling the same way as you about 14th February!).

Online dating is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and start chatting to people on your terms, but firstly, you need to choose the right dating app for what you’re looking for.

How to Choose the Right Dating App for You

Online dating and meeting someone new should be fun and exciting, but before you dive in and start online dating in that desperate search to find a date for Valentine’s Day, you need to do your research first and decide which dating app is right for you.

Free Dating Apps

The economy is struggling right now and money is tight, so you may be tempted to only look at free online dating options. Please be very careful with this and do your research.

Some dating apps claim to be free but most probably aren’t. They might let you sign up for free so you can browse through profiles, but as soon as you want to connect with someone, you have to pay. Annoyingly, you’ll probably also get loads of notifications about new messages, but you can’t read them until you sign up. By then you’ve already completed your profile, found someone you’re interested in and ten people have messaged you (most of which are probably chat bots by the way), so you’re pretty much tied in.

The even bigger issue with most free dating sites is the fact that they let ANYONE sign up for free. With no fees and no vetting process, convicted criminals, fraudsters, serial domestic abusers and even sex offenders can all sign up and view your information with just a few clicks and there’s nothing to stop them.

If you don’t care about safety and you’re just looking for meaningless fun and one night stands, a free dating site with absolutely no checks may be right for you. However, if your safety is important to you and if you’re looking for a serious relationship, do your research before you upload any personal information and before you commit.

With Safer Date, you can download the app, sign up and start chatting for free – but we fully ID check everyone before allowing them to join so we can safely say that we have no fake profiles or catfish on our app!

Premium Dating Apps

There are numerous dating apps that charge a premium for their service. It is just as important to research these too. They may offer a unique matching service or only lucrative singles – but if they are still doing no ID or background checks, you still need to question the kind of members they will have on their sites.

Dating should be fun and exciting, and we want it to be that way for you, but if you’re looking for something serious, always go for quality over quantity. You need to start with the right dating app which only has good, honest members rather than the alternative.

What You Need to Know

Make sure you find out the following about the dating app before you enter any of your information or sign up:

  • Is the site aimed at serious relationships or random hook-ups?
  • How do they vet their members (if at all)?
  • Do they do ID checks to prevent fake profiles and catfishing?
  • Do they let criminals sign up?
  • Who can view your personal information?
  • Do they make their money by selling your data?
  • What do they actually charge for membership, messaging and ‘enhanced features’?
  • How easy is it to cancel your membership?

Your online dating profile will include very personal information and I’m pretty sure you don’t want just anyone viewing that, so please make sure you find the answers to the questions above before you fill out anything or part with any of your hard-earned cash.

How Can You Date Safely Online?

If you want to find a date for Valentine’s Day, but you care about your safety and security and you want to be sure that you are talking to real people, try Safer Date.

Safer Date is the ONLY dating app with zero anonymity which not only identifies everyone, but which also offers thorough global criminal background checks and insolvency checks too. Download the app now and start chatting for free.

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