How to Make Sure Your Date Feels Comfortable on a First Date

How to Make Sure Your Date Feels Comfortable on a First Date

At Safer Date, we seek to make the online dating experience as safe as possible for everyone, and whilst these measures are in place to stop fake profiles, criminals and catfish from getting onto our app, we also recognise that most humans are good people.

However, with all of the horror stories out there, how can the good humans succeed and make sure they are not throwing out signals that make their date feel uncomfortable? Here are some tips to help you to make sure that you get off to the right start and that the person you’re meeting feels comfortable on a first date.

Location, Location, Location

No, we are not asking you to invite Kirstie and Phil on your date with you, but location is still key for first dates. If you’re planning a first date and inviting someone to meet you, be courteous. Don’t invite them close to your home (and never to your home!) on a first date.

Always meet halfway, in neutral territory, and make it easy for your date to get home without having the fear of being stranded, or that you’re going to make them feel like they have to ‘go back to yours to get a cab’.

How to Make Sure Your Date Feels Comfortable on a First Date

Low-Key Activities Are Great

Few people want to be invited abseiling or windsurfing on a first date, as it’s a lot of pressure, but picking a low-key activity can actually really help to break the ice. It also takes the pressure off being in a bar when nerves can mean more drinks are consumed than is wise.

Activity can be as simple as meeting at a local park (not a remote one) where you can go for a walk, then sit for a coffee and a cake afterwards. Cinema may seem like an odd choice. How can you get to know someone when you’re sitting in silence? But meeting to see an early evening film can also take the pressure off. It’s a quick way to find out if you like the same things, have the same sense of humour etc, and then if you go for a quick drink afterwards, it gives you an instant topic to talk about and build a connection.

Drink Etiquette

Typically, on a date, do rounds so you take turns buying a couple of drinks each. And at the risk of sounding like your mother, two drinks each is generally enough for a first meeting.

Even if you’re having a fun night, both getting sloshed isn’t the best way to ensure your date feels comfortable about seeing you again. Being able to remember the date is a lot better.

Drink spiking is a real concern for some people nowadays too. You’ll be surprised how many people have had it happen to them or have a friend who has. If you can, buy those drinks in full sight of your date, where they can see the transaction, it’s a bonus. Being all shifty and buying the drinks while ‘he or she is in the loo’ just creates an additional edginess.

Even better, if you haven’t been out before, meet for a coffee date during the week first. It’s easy to sniff out the weirdo’s when you’re stone cold sober, and you also have an excuse to leave and ‘get back to the office’ (i.e. do a runner) if you really need to.

Drinks Etiquette on a First Date | Safer Date

Don’t Invite Your Mates Along!

This may sound like a bizarre thing to do, but it happens. You meet for a date, and then ‘hello’, suddenly all the mates are there and joining you in the pub. It’s great to get to know someone’s social circle early on, to see if you fit in, but don’t invite them to ‘accidently’ turn up. It feels intimidating and adds the additional pressure of feeling like you have to impress the group. This kind of scenario can also end up involving a lot more drinks than you planned to have on that first date.

How Can You Date Safely Online?

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