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Hi. I’m the Founder of Safer Date and I want to tell you a little about why I decided to create a safer way of online dating, and why I feel so passionate it.

In 2016, I met a guy through a very well-known online dating site. What started out as the kind of sweep-you-off-your-feet scenario turned out to be the most horrendous, traumatic experience for me and my son. You may well have read about it in the news.

I endured months of domestic abuse, sexual assault and even rape. When I finally managed to get him out of my house, he then put me through weeks of stalking and harassment and made me fear for my life.

Once the Police were involved, I discovered that he had a long history of domestic abuse against women and children. He had done this before and despite being arrested for his crimes against me, he was already back online dating again to continue his pattern of control and abuse.

He is currently in prison for what he did to me, but in 2023, he will be released and will be back out in the world. I am 100% sure he will go straight back to online dating despite being on the sex offenders register for life, and there’s nothing to stop him from doing so! So many dating sites just let anyone sign up with simply an email address. This gives people like him the perfect tools they need to prey on other people which needs to change.

I don’t want to put you off online dating altogether and I know so many people who have met the love of their lives online, but unfortunately, my story is not unique. There are thousands of other men and women just like him, preying on people online – and so many online dating sites do nothing at all to keep their customers safe. I strongly believe that this needs to change and we need to stop giving domestic abusers and criminals their very own playground, so I decided to create a safer online dating site which does everything possible to keep criminals out.

Safer Date is Different

Online dating is one of the only ways to meet people right now, but there are so many sites out there (and let’s be honest – the same people are signed up to most of them).

Most dating apps have a typical target audience or key selling point – but all anyone needs to sign up is an email address which you can create in seconds. There is no safety aspect. There is no identity check to prevent catfishing, and there is no criminal background check to stop criminals signing up. This is so wrong!

At Safer Date, we put your safety first. Every person, both male and female, is fully identified BEFORE they are allowed to join our dating app or even browse through other profiles.

We also offer thorough global criminal background checks for added peace of mind. We are proud to partner with an intelligence agency who work closely with the Police, Interpol, the FBI, the National Crime Agency and other intelligence agencies across the world. We also carry out insolvency checks and addicts register checks to add a further layer of security – and these checks do not leave any footprint at all. We even re-check all of our members every 12 months to make sure nothing has changed.

Put simply – anyone with a serious criminal past will not be allowed to join as a premium member.

Domestic Abuse Prevention

Domestic abuse prevention is a cause that is very close to my heart. My son and I had our lives turned upside down because I met an abusive monster online and I do not want that to happen to anyone else. I want to transform online dating to make it a safe space for people to meet online and hopefully find their happily ever after.


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