Netflix Click Bait Series

Why We Love the New Netflix Click Bait Series (Warning - May Contain Spoilers!)

Click Bait is a new mini-series on Netflix which is currently ranking at number 1. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth a watch! It’s pretty intense and full of twists and turns, but as well as being entertaining, we love it because it actually really reinforces what we keep telling people about free dating apps!

Most Free Dating Apps Sell Your Data

The Journalist in Click Bait manages to purchase thousands of personal dating profiles very easily for just a few hundred dollars. This data includes photos, personal information and even chat histories with other members.

If you think this is far-fetched, you’re wrong. Most ‘free’ dating sites make their money selling your data to anyone who is buying. That includes gambling sites and sex sites by the way. If you’re signed up to any of the ‘free’ dating sites, you may well have noticed a huge increase in spam emails and unsolicited telephone calls…it’s no coincidence!

Free Dating Apps Sell Personal Data

Free Dating Apps Use Fake Profiles

Most free dating sites freely buy and sell data and use fake profiles to pad out their sites. They also use chat bots to get you hooked & to pay.

If you’ve ever signed up to a free dating site, did you wonder why you got loads of messages before you’d even completed any of your profile? And of course you then have to upgrade your subscription and start paying to read the messages. Sorry to break it to you, but they are most likely chat bots rather than real people, and they’re used to hook you in and to get you to start paying for a membership. They then make it nigh on impossible for you to cancel your subscription too!

They Let Anyone Including Criminals Sign Up

In Click Bait, Nick Brewer appears to have multiple dating profiles under false names. This is exactly what criminals do on these dating apps so they can be anonymous and find victim after victim. Whether it is Nick Brewer or someone using his details to catfish others, the fact remains that these dating apps do nothing to prevent this and you can never be sure who you’re really chatting to.

These dating apps do not identify people. They do not screen for criminals. In fact, they literally let anyone – INCLUDING SEX OFFENDERS – sign up in minutes and they can then be whoever they want to be. 

Online Predators on Free Dating Apps

There is No Legal Standard for Dating Apps

Our latest research has shown that 47% of dating app users had no idea that these dating sites and apps allow people convicted of sex offences or fraud to use them, so you may be surprised to know that there is actually no legal standard for dating apps right now. Anyone can start a dating app, and anyone can join up freely, no matter how bad their criminal past is. It’s so wrong!

Safer Date - No Fake Profiles Allowed

Safer Date is literally the only dating platform in the world with zero anonymity. We are very proud to be the only dating app to insist on a real-time ID verification and we offer thorough global criminal background checks too. Sign up today and start chatting for free.

Safer Date: The only online dating app which carries out ID checks and criminal background checks on every member

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