Safer Date Interview With Naga Munchetty BBC Radio 5

Naga Munchetty - BBC Radio 5 Interview

Naga Munchetty interviewed our Founder on BBC Radio 5 to discuss the reasons why Safer Date was set up and to raise awareness of the dangers of online dating on the unsafe platforms such as Match, Tinder and POF.

If you missed it on the radio today, you can listen to her harrowing story here:

The Scary Truth About Other Dating Sites

The Match Group owns the majority of dating sites that you will have heard of, including Match, Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, Plenty of Fish and others, and they openly admit that they don’t screen for sex offenders! In fact, Plenty of Fish was named the most dangerous dating site in 2017, and our Founder’s story certainly backs this up

If you’re using any of their dating sites/apps, please let that sink in for a moment.  So many men and women have been victims of crimes through people they met on these sites, but they still do nothing at all to keep you safe.

If you are currently signed up to one of these sites, or if you know someone who is, please help us to spread the word and raise awareness of the dangers of using these sites to meet people. There is now a much better, safer way to meet people online where criminals are not allowed.

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Why Safer Date is Different

Unlike any other dating site in the world, we carry out so many checks before we allow a new member access, so we can proudly state that we are the safest dating site there is.

  • We carry out a full identity check to eliminate false profiles BEFORE they are allowed to join.
  • We carry out a thorough criminal background check including cautions. Anyone with a serious criminal past will not gain access to our site.
  • We keep your profile hidden from the public. It is only visible to other members AFTER they have passed our rigorous checks.

We are not free, as we have to pay for every single ID check and criminal background check (as well as business running costs of course), but we do keep costs as low as we possibly can while offering you a much safer way to date online. In fact, our prices start at just £6 a month which includes your DBS certificate.

Try Safer Date

If you are new to online dating, if you have had a bad experience in the past, or if you have suddenly just realised how dangerous the free dating sites really are, please take a look at Safer Date. It is owned by someone who fully understands the dangers of online dating, and who is passionate about creating a safe place for good, honest people to meet online.

Safer Date Membership

All Inclusive Pricing
£ 49
Per Month
  • Everyone ID Checked
  • Everyone Background Checked
  • No Fake Profiles, Criminals or Catfish
  • No Additional In-App Charges
  • UK Support from Real People

*Please note: You must pass an ID check and background check before your membership will be activated. Please make sure you have a current passport or driving license to hand so you can register. 

Most checks are completed within 3 working days following the successful completion of your ID check. Your online dating membership won’t be activated until you have passed our checks. If you fail our checks, your membership fee will be refunded to you, minus the cost of the ID and background checks.

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