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Looking for a Safe Dating App? You're in the Right Place!

The online dating world can be a scary place, especially as other dating sites literally let anyone sign up including criminals (and they even admit that they don’t screen for sex offenders)!

We’re really proud to offer you a safe place to meet people online and we are the only online dating app that fully identifies and background checks every single member before they are allowed to join.

In addition to this, we have now made Safer Date even safer!

Online Dating with Global Background Checks & More

Previously, we have used the DBS to carry out our background checks, but unfortunately the DBS does not show the full extent of the problem. This is largely because it is UK only and doesn’t cover crimes abroad, and also because it is based on convictions.

We are really proud to announce our partnership with an amazing organisation called IYE Global. IYE carry out much more detailed, global background checks on our behalf so that we can keep you as safe as possible.

Our checks now include:

  • Real-time identity check
  • Global criminal background check including convictions and cautions
  • Insolvency checks (which leave no footprint)
  • Addicts register checks

Online Dating with Less Risk

  • All members' identities are checked to ensure they are who they say they are. This eliminates fake profiles and catfish.
  • We carry out thorough global criminal background checks on everyone. No-one with a history of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, violence or fraud is allowed!
  • We also carry out insolvency checks and addicts register checks.
  • We re-check all of our members every 12 months to make sure nothing has changed.

Additional Advantages

  • We offer affordable pricing with no hidden charges. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it is.
  • If you pass our ID and background checks, membership is granted straight away.
  • If you fail our checks, your membership fee will be refunded (minus the cost of the checks).
  • The membership fees are the only charges on our app. Once approved, you are free to browse, chat, flirt and send as many messages as you like.

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Whether you’re new to online dating and feeling a little unsure, or you’ve tried the typical dating sites & apps and have undoubtedly had a bad experience, now is the time to try a different, safer way of online dating.

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