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Safer Date is the ONLY online dating app that carries out thorough background checks and ID checks on everyone. No Catfish or Criminals Allowed!

Most online dating companies allow anyone to sign up with only an email address. There is no safety aspect. There is no identity check to prevent catfishing, and there is no criminal background check. As a result, online dating related crimes have risen by 382% over the last 5 years!

Safer Date is different. We carry out an identity check and thorough GLOBAL criminal background check on every member (regardless of gender) to identify not only criminal convictions, but also any cautions. We also check for insolvency and if the applicant is registered on the addicts register.

Whether you’re new to online dating and want to be cautious, you’re a good person sick of being overlooked or if you’ve had a bad experience in the past – try Safer Date. Your safety and security is at the heart of everything we do.

How Does it Work?

  • Download the Safer Date app from the app store.
  • Choose and pay for your chosen Safer Date membership option.
  • Go through our verification and vetting procedure.
  • If you pass, we will activate your membership straight away and you can start your safer dating experience.
  • If you don't pass our identity checks or meet our criteria, you will not be allowed to join Safer Date and we will refund the cost of your membership (minus the ID and background checking fees).


Safer Date Membership

All Inclusive Pricing
£ 49
Per Month
  • Everyone ID Checked
  • Everyone Background Checked
  • No Fake Profiles, Criminals or Catfish
  • No Additional In-App Charges
  • UK Support from Real People

*Please note: You must pass an ID check and background check before your membership will be activated. Please make sure you have a current passport or driving license to hand so you can register. 

Most checks are completed within 3 working days following the successful completion of your ID check. Your online dating membership won’t be activated until you have passed our checks. If you fail our checks, your membership fee will be refunded to you, minus the cost of the ID and background checks.

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