Safer Date: Transforming the Online Dating World | Safest Dating App

Fed up of Online Dating?

Online dating apps can really suck. We get it. You’re either inundated by messages from total dodge-pots who are only after one thing, or you get ignored altogether. Neither of those feel good do they?! Yet we put ourselves through it over and over again in the hope that we will be able to wade through all of the madness and actually find our happily ever after.

Most online dating apps literally let anyone sign up with just an email address so you never really know who you’re talking to or what their history is. Many sites even buy dummy profiles to fill up their pages! It seems as though dating sites and morals rarely go together.

Safer Date is Different

Safer Date is different. Our aim is to transform the online dating world to provide a safer space for good, honest people to date online. We put your safety before anything else. If you would like to try online dating for the first time, or if you would like to try a safer way of online dating where good guys actually stand out, why not try Safer Date. It’s free to download.

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