If You’re Using An Online Dating Site, Read This Now | Tinder Crimes

 If You’re Currently Online Dating, Read This Now:

You may have read our previous blog post about online dating related crimes rising by 382%. The statistics are scary. Most dating sites do nothing at all to protect their members, giving criminals their very own playground and thousands of unwitting victims to choose from. So, if you’re using an online dating site, please do the following as soon as possible:

Take A Look At What They Do To Keep You And Your Data Safe

Dating sites should have all the information you need readily available on their website. Start there and find out exactly what the site does to keep you safe. How do they protect your data? How do they vet people who sign up? Whilst they may have strict data protection policies in place from a technical perspective, chances are they do nothing at all to vet their members. This means that anyone (including criminals) could be looking at your profile and information right now. You may be comfortable with that, but we certainly wouldn’t be.

If You Are Using A Site or App That Does Not Vet Its Members, Remove Any Photos Of Your Kids!

So many people use images of their children on their online dating profiles. We get that you are really proud of your kids and that you want to show that you are family-orientated, but have you considered that, without any vetting process in place, paedophiles could be using online dating sites too? You wouldn’t want just anyone looking at your family photos on Facebook, so why upload them to dating sites that are free to browse and which let literally anyone view your profile?! Please don’t upload any images of your children unless you are sure that the dating site is safe and criminal-free.

Be Very Careful About The Information You Provide

If you are using a dating site that does not carry out any background or identity checks, literally anyone with any criminal past can sign up with just an email address. People can sign up and pretend to be anything they want to be on most dating sites, so be very careful about the information you share online. Make sure you don’t give out personal information before you are absolutely sure that the person you are talking to is who they say they are.

Try A Safer Way Of Online Dating

If the dating platform you’re using does nothing to protect you, try Safer Date. We are committed to transforming the online dating world and we put your safety before anything else. We carry out compulsory identity checks on every single member before they are allowed to join or even browse other profiles. We also offer global criminal background checks which means that anyone with a criminal past (including cautions) will not be allowed to join Safer Date as a premium member.

Sign up today and try a much safer way of online dating for good, honest people.

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