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Love Bombing: Everything You Need to Know

Google search data across the UK for the last 12 months has shown that searches around the meaning of love bombing have increased by 3800%, and ‘love bombing red flag’ has increased by 1600%.

As the use of unregulated dating apps continues to soar, and as couples are becoming more and more concerned about the ‘toxic traits’ of their partners, we thought we’d tell you more about what love bombing is and how you can avoid being a victim of it.

What is Love Bombing?

Love bombing is defined as the action or practice of lavishing someone with attention or affection, especially to influence or manipulate them. In more simple terms, it is sweeping them off their feet using lavish gifts, compliments and big romantic gestures to quickly gain their trust.

It is something all daters should be wary of when getting to know someone new – especially if you have met them on an unregulated dating app.

What is Love Bombing | Love Bombing Red Flags

The Early Red Flags of Love Bombing

Romance fraudsters prey on loneliness and people’s kindness and it is not gender specific, so being able to recognise the red flags of love bombing early on can save you a world of pain later.

Romance fraudsters tend to follow the same pattern, so here is what you need to look out for:

  • They are usually the first to make contact and seem very interested in you
  • They often have an attractive photo and profile
  • They will ask lots of personal questions to make you feel special (this is to gain as much information about you as possible to manipulate you later)
  • The conversation usually turns romantic very quickly
  • They lavish you with compliments and extravagant gifts
  • You feel so drawn in very quickly

This pattern of behaviour can go on for weeks so they can ensure they really have a hold on you, but then they will create a story to prey on your kindness and love, so they can then extort money from you.

They use tactics such as saying they’re in the armed forces and need money to get home, or a relative is poorly and they desperately need money to travel. They say they’ll pay you back, but just need a little help right now. By this point, you have been manipulated so much that you would pretty much do anything for them, and as you are a good, kind, human being, you actually want to help them!

How To Avoid Being a Victim of Love Bombing

First and foremost, trust your gut. If you meet someone  online and they quickly sweep you off your feet and seem too good to be true, be very wary.

Take note of the patterns and tactics above. If you see your new partner behaving this way, use the red flags as a warning to keep your wits about you. Not everyone is a scammer, but a quick Google search will show you just how serious online dating crimes are and how quickly they’re rising. In fact, £92m was lost to romance fraud last year in the UK alone!

How Can You Avoid Being a Victim of Romance Fraud

  • Firstly, be very careful which dating sites or apps you join! Do your research and find out what safety and security measures they have in place. Most don’t have any at all and leave you wide open to being a victim of romance fraud (and often much worse). There are many news articles with horror stories about the popular dating sites and online dating related crimes, with Match, Tinder and Plenty of Fish being reported as the worst. The latest Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler is a prime example of both love bombing and romance fraud, and despite being a convicted criminal, the perpetrator is back on Tinder again!
  • Be very careful what you post online. Don’t post personal information, and don’t overshare with strangers online. Scammers use details shared on social media and dating sites to target you so that they appear to ‘understand’ you or have lots of shared interests.
  • If you meet someone online and they seem too perfect – proceed with caution! Scammers will often try to get you to leave dating sites quickly to communicate directly, and they often try to isolate you from family and friends.
  • If someone requests inappropriate photos or financial information, do not send them. They could be used to extort you later.
  • If you’ve been chatting to someone online for a while but they always seem to have an excuse why they can’t meet in person, this is a huge red flag. If you haven’t met after a few months, you are right to be suspicious.
  • NEVER send money to anyone you have only communicated with online or by phone.
The North East RECCC have collaborated to produce a guide about staying safe from romance fraud, which contains a lot of very useful information to help you spot romance fraud before it’s too late.

How Can You Date Safely Online?

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