Why Choose Safer Date?

Safer Date’s brand values are all about safety and providing a much better way for people to meet online. We put our customers first, always.

  • We stop all fake profiles and scammers to proactively protect you.
  • We eliminate anonymity so no-one can hide behind their screens. You ALWAYS know who you’re really chatting to.
  • We protect your mental health by removing offensive images and messages, by stopping you from being bombarded by unwanted messages and by tackling ghosting too.
  • We offer the most thorough global criminal background checks possible for added security & peace of mind.
  • You can use Safer Date completely free without entering any card details.
  • We do not tie you in to any subscription period if you choose to upgrade your account.
  • We have a team of UK staff on hand to help you with any questions

All of this puts our your wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do, so that we can provide a fun but safer way for you to meet people online. Try Safer Date today completely free.

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