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Why Criminals Love Online Dating Sites

Dating sites are massively popular not just in the UK but around the world, and there has been a huge increase in signups over lockdown.

Meeting someone online should be fun and exciting. You can chat and take the time to get to know someone without the pressure of being face to face, and it is a great way to meet other singles – especially during these strange times of lockdown. However, there is a darker side to the majority of online dating sites because criminals love them, but why?

The answer is simple. Criminals can be anonymous on most dating sites. They can make a new email address in seconds and use that to sign up. They can hide their true identity. They can hide their criminal past and pretend to be whatever they want to be to dupe their next victim. Married people pretend to be single. Serial domestic abusers and sex offenders pretend to be decent people. The majority of online dating apps give criminals their very own playground which is a very scary thought.

The Online Dating Site Crime Statistics

A recent study showed that online dating related crimes have risen by 382% over the last five years and that’s just the crimes that have been officially linked to online dating. The true figure will be a lot more than this.

Tinder seems to be the worst culprit but it’s not the only one. Our founder met a monster on Plenty of Fish who turned out to be a serial domestic abuser and sex offender and who had actually met multiple victims on there.

Other victims have been in touch to say their attackers are still on Match.com preying on other unsuspecting singles too, and those sites still do nothing at all to prevent this. They happily take your money and the rest is up to you.

Why Criminals Love Dating Sites | Online Dating Related Crimes | Safer Date

How You Can Stay Safe When Using Dating Sites

If you are currently using any of the well-known dating sites or you’re thinking about signing up, then the harsh truth is that you will have no idea who you’re truly chatting to as they have no safety protocols in place and they do not vet their members. We believe this is wrong and it’s exactly why we created Safer Date.

We carry out a thorough, global criminal background check including cautions and convictions on every single member before they are allowed access to other profiles. We do not let anyone with a serious criminal past join our site.

In addition to this, we also carry out an identity check to make sure they are who they say they are. No other dating site does this and we believe that we are the safest online dating site in the world!

Try Safer Date Today

If safety is important to you, try Safer Date. We’re the UK’s ONLY online dating agency to carry out criminal background and ID checks on every person before they’re allowed to join our site. We put your safety before everything else so you can relax and enjoy your online dating experience.

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